Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mason Murer Show & One More Thing

Karen checking out her space as the evening begins
Karen's show went great friday night at Mason Murer Fine Art. There was a huge crowd of art patrons and well wisher's. The paintings were hung beautifully, and looked really great.
The gallery begins to fill
One of the nice things about being part of a gallery show, is that you get to see a lot of people that you don't get to see as frequently as you'd like. A number of our friends attended the reception that night, and it was really great to have a chance to visit. Really great.

Karen's parents admiring their daughter's work
Jeanie Tomanek and Virginia Parker, who were showing that night along with Karen, also had a lot of fun. I think the consensus was that it was a successful show.
Karen and I had one other adventure this past week. The Atlanta Fine Arts League was having a juried show of work by their members, and invited us to be the judges for that event. Following our initial disorientation at having been chosen to do this, we both agreed. Honestly, it was not an easy task, because there were so many beautiful paintings to filter down to first, second and third place. There were so many worthy paintings in fact, that we convinced the organizers to add three Honorable Mentions to the winners. The paintings were on display at the Cobb/Marietta Museum of Art, and awards were given out on Saturday evening. We attended the awards ceremony, which was organized very nicely, and the winners were very happy to have their work recognized.
I completed my part of the "small project" I've been working on, but will wait to post about it until the entire thing is complete. I also picked up another commission, and have a couple of new ebay paintings in the works as well. I'll have images of those as soon as they are finished.

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