Thursday, September 03, 2009


oil on hardboard panel
18'' x 18"

I knew when I created many of the images I used for the Chicago commission I would be returning to them for gallery work. I'm not sure how they will be received by the art going public, but I'm very fond of many of those compositions. These blocks in particular are one of my favorites. It's headed to Anne Irwin Fine Art for the October show along with the cherries below. The Dick Blick panel I painted this on was wonderful. I only wish they came in larger sizes. I think if I could find all of the sizes I need, I wouldn't use anything else. Ampersand makes a pre-primed panel called "gessoboard" that does come in a wider variety of sizes, so I'm going to give them a try, and see how it takes paint.
The first pass on the ladies red shoes is done, and while it's drying I need to get going on my next painting. One of the most difficult aspects of this career, for me, is deciding on which composition to do next. Occasionally it's necessary to bring in an outside source to break a tie. Karen and I usually provide that service for one another.


Caio Fernandes said...

this is a really wonderfull painting

Pierre Raby said...

So you Neil. Touching and elegantly mastered. Breathing and theatrical.

Susan Sjoberg said...

This really is a beautiful painting. a quick note on the ampersand gessobord: I've used it a few times and had a love/hate relationship with it until I discovered it just needs more gesso before you start painting. I use acrylic and maybe oil would be different but I found it too slick without an extra coat of gesso.