Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cherry Can in Progress

Cherry Can
oil on canvas
24'' x 36"

The prediction in my last post, as to the subject of my next painting, was that it would probably be a percolator. This has turned out not to be the case. I've had this particular composition on my mind for some months now, and decided that it was time to give it a try. Cherries have been a re-occuring theme in my work for years, but this is the first time I've painted a cherry the size of a grapefruit.

This piece could take some time, so I've decided to post a series of "in progress" images. The image above is the end of day one. To do this is a bit like exposing your soft underbelly to the wolves, but I find it interesting when I see these transitional shots on other artists blogs, so I'm trying to suppress my fears, and present my process.

I'm a little fearful of the can, with its extensive series of parallel ridges. It will be a challenge to get "right". If it works I think it will be very cool, if not . . . . ? Hopefully the next post will include an image of the satisfactory completion of the underpainting of that can.


Dean H. said...

Wow...This will be a real treat..thanks Neil! The "wolves" ain't that bad... In fact, your painting will turn 'em into lap dogs.

Your friend & fan, Dean

Joanne said...

Those cherries already look fantastic. After your last painting, I'm sure the can's ridges will be as easy as pie! :-)
Looking forward to enjoying the process and progress of this piece.

Barbie Bud said...

Looking forward to watching this progress. Thank you for letting us watch you paint. You're fantastic. Barb

Jiddje said...

Indeed! It is great to see how other artists set up their paintings and it is also nice to see what you can do after one day. It's more or or less a affirmation. Thanks Neil! Keep up the good work!

Steven said...

I'm grateful for the "WIP" images... helps illustrate your process and gives me -- a true hack -- some insight. Looks great -- as if there were ever any doubt. Thanks for blogging! :)