Thursday, May 03, 2007

Percolator on Linen

oil on canvas
12'' x 24"

Here's the fourth of the eight finished paintings. I'm back to my favorite Percolator. This will also be one of my entries representing Twinhouse at this years ArtHouse. I wanted to work on a table cloth that was flatter, and not so bunched up, like I usually do. My goal was to show more subtle creases, and latent folds. I think with this piece, the coffee pot, and linen share equal billing. If you'd like to learn more about this piece you can find contact information by clicking here.


Michael Naples said...

This might be my favorite painting of yours. I love the strong vertical composition AND the handling of wrinkles/folds on the tablecloth. Very usual.

Watson said...

i had an immediate response to this painting, and had to look at it again to see that it was a painting, not a photo. this photo immediately evoked memories of my mother and grandmother; my mother has an ancient percolator that seems to hold great sentimental value for her. this painting makes me thinking of my mother in the 50's, before she ever had any children; lord knows we never had a linen tablecloth!

Anonymous said...

Like most of your work, one wants to keep looking at a painting for a long time and appreciate the subtleties of value. Could you please allow larger pop ups so that one can appreciate your strokes well. I would really be thankful if you post a larger image for this one. What a delight!

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Thanks all, I really appreciate the comments. In response to the request by "anonymous", I've increased the size of the image to reveal more detail. I'll do this in the future on subsequent posts.