Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sliced Bread

oil on canvas
10'' x 30"

Here's another of the eight finished paintings I've been working on these last couple of weeks. I wanted to try my hand at plastic bags. I had done a cherry painting, with the fruit in a cellophane bag for my last show at Twinhouse, and wanted to go there again. This painting is not dry enough to ship at this point, but will be going to Stricoff in New York. It should arrive along with the Pool Balls in about ten days or so. If you'd like to learn more about this piece you can find contact information by clicking here.


Don Gray said...

Spectacular, Neil. This painting has great dignity, if I may use that word. The narrow proportions and the placement of the loaf lend a powerful "presence" to it.
Fascinating to me how those kind of formal decisions end up evoking such emotional response. Also like how those subtle color and tonal transitions let in the light and air.

Johnnie Scoutten said...

Fabulous. Isn't the plastic fun to do? This is stately.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done - yet again!

Jason Seiler said...

Geez! I think someone needs to teach you how to paint! :) Truly, truly inspiring!